Who are we?

The International Federation for Rights and Development (IFRD), is an independent European headquarters and organization for human rights and development, based in Belgium.



Our Working Regions

The International federation operates in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, given the exceptional situation in those regions of ongoing conflict, in which thousands of innocent civilians have died.

Our Objective

The International Federation – which was established in January 2004 – aims primarily to advance the human rights situation in its areas of work, and to enable citizens to enjoy their rights and ensure their lives in a decent life by monitoring and documenting human rights abuses in them and drawing the attention of the international community and the authorities responsible for it to work to reduce it or prevent They occur, along with contributing to bringing those responsible for violations to justice and accountability, and ensuring that everyone is subject to the rules of international law.

How We Protect Human Rights?

IFRD team investigates violations that occur in countries within its scope of work by collecting and comparing information, taking eyewitness accounts, and then verifying their authenticity. We then pressure the ruling authorities and well-known international addresses concerned with human rights to stand up to their responsibilities and hold perpetrators accountable and bring them to justice.

Our areas of work

  • Freedom of speech
  • Armed conflicts
  • Arbitrary detentions and arrests
  • Asylum and immigration issues
  • labor rights
  • Political prisoners